Good for You Brain Food

4 Nov

Back in 1983 President Regan designated November National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.  To honor this awareness, I share some foods & easy to make recipes that can help boost your brain power.

Pumpkin Seeds

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A Question About Caffeine & Exercise

17 Sep

“I’m looking for something to help boost my workout performance and someone suggested I try a highly caffeinated energy drink. Is that safe and effective?”

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Rethink Summer Salads

15 Jul

Think summer squash is mostly water and lacks any real nutrition? Think again…


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Go Savory with Papaya

4 Jun

Rethink the papaya and you will be rewarded with a burst of flavor, freshness, and vitamins.


Latina Magazine, April 2014

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TALK About Root to Stem Eating

23 Apr

Blistered Carrots with Carrot Top Salsa

…and my time at CBS’ The Talk


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The Latin Kitchen – How to Juice @ Home

6 Mar

Check out my article on juicing in the March issue of

Latina magazine.


Healthy & Homemade

8 Feb

Best way to get healthy is to cook your food.  Don’t let your kitchen sabotage you!  Get as excited about your workspace as you do about your ingredients.

(Bonus: Show recipes for Chimichurri Chicken and Cuban Pork Tenderloin!)

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