Ask LC: Increasingly Meatless and Iron Intake

23 Nov

While I’m not a vegetarian, I’ve recently made a significant reduction in the amount of meat I eat and am concerned I’m not taking in enough iron. I do not want to resort to supplements as I’ve heard they can cause constipation. How can I make sure I’m taking in enough iron through my diet?


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Ask LC: Vegan Diet and Protein Intake

16 Nov

I recently began following a vegan diet and am worried about meeting my protein needs. Should I supplement with protein shakes?


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Ask LC: Raw Dark Chocolate

9 Nov

I’ve recently heard about the health benefits of raw dark chocolate. Isn’t all chocolate raw?


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Ask LC: Macrobiotic Diet

2 Nov

Can you please help me understand the characteristics that distinguish a macrobiotic diet from other diets, especially a vegan diet?


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Ask LC: Cauliflower

26 Oct

I’ve been seeing a lot of cauliflower recipes lately. I know many people like it because it is low in calories and carbohydrates, but are there any benefits that add to my health?


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Ask LC: Ancient Grains

13 Oct

I’ve been seeing labels advertising products made with ancient grains, which seem to imply that the grains are healthier. It that really the case or is it just a marketing ploy?


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Ask LC: Caffeine

6 Oct

I’m looking for something to help boost my workout performance and someone suggested I try a highly caffeinated energy drink. Is that safe and effective?

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